We would like to take a few minutes of your time to introduce our Company, Lusafrica Founders, with the intention of building a solid business relationship, which we hope will lead to the generation of business between our two Companies.

Founded in 1975, Lusafrica Founders became the trading name of T.J. coelho (PTY) Ltd in 1978.

In the beginning the Foundry covered 800 square metres, castings were produced in grey iron, bronze and aluminium, melting of the iron was carried out in two cupola furnaces and the melting of bronze and aluminium in two cubicle furnaces. Moulding was by way of the CO2 process.

Demand far exceeded production and in 1984 the two Cupola Furnaces were replaced by a 500 KVA electric induction furnace of 1000kg per hour capacity. The production moulds were also modernised with the installation of the latest in furnace sand technology. In 1996 a second 1000kg induction furnace was added.

Lusafrica's speciality is the production of pump castings, namely horizontal split casings, volute casings, impellers, bearing housing, diffusers, delivery covers and suction covers. However, being a jobbing foundry we can supply virtually any type of castings of any shape and complexity from 1kg to 1 ton.

Strict control of raw materials, scrap and the chemical analysis of all melts ensure adherence to the required specification.

Castings are produced to the following specifications:
Grey iron - BS1452 GR150, GR180, GR220, GR260, GR300, and GR400.
Nodular Iron - BS2789 SG38, SG42, SG60 and SG70.
Bronze - BS1400 PB1, PB2, LG2, LG4, G1, LB2, and LB4.
Aluminium - BS1490 LM4 and LM6.
Meehanite - GA, GB, GC, GE, SF, SP, WA, HR, HE, HS and CB3.

We are able to offer a one stop facility from the manufacture of patterns to supplying castings in the as cast condition, heat treated and fully machined to customer requirements.

Lusafrica Founders is Meehanite licenced we are audited biannually by New Meehanite S.A. to ensure that we conform to all the quality systems as laid down by Meehanite International. Thus ensuring that we offer our customers a superior and consistent quality.